Chris Distefano

This artist has also appeared with:

Jimmy Kimmel's Comedy Club Presents: Chris Distefano

Jordan Carlos featuring Chris Distefano

Chris Distefano from Girl Code and Guy Code!

Janeane Garofalo

Janeane Garofalo, Chris Distefano

Chris Distefano, Jordan Carlos

Carly Aquilino & Chris Distefano

Carly Aquilino

Judah Friedlander, Chris Distefano, Doug Smith

Andrew Santino

Wil Sylvince

Mike Yard

Chloe Hilliard

Comedy Cellar (Las Vegas)

Mark Cohen

Daniel Simonsen

Mark Cohen, Mike Yard, Daniel Simonson, Chloe Hilliard Chris Distefano

Chase Rice

Chase Rice: AM/PM 2019 Tour

Jon Nite

Chris Distefano, Wil Sylvince

Louis Katz

Doug Smith, James Mattern, Tanael Joachim

Sherry Davey

Forrest Shaw

Chris Distefano, Wil Sylvince, Louis Katz

Mark Normand, Chris Distefano

Stand Up Comedy

Rich Kiamco

Todd Barry, Ricky Velez, Louis Katz

Marlon Wayans

Andrew Schulz

At the Improv:

Judah Friedlander featuring Chris Distefano

Carmen Lynch, Jordan Carlos

Chris Distefano with Mike Cannon and Hosted By Clark Jones

At the Improv: Chris Distefano and More!

Judah Friedlander featuring Chris Distefano, Sergio Chicon

Chris Distefano, Mark Normand, Carmen Lynch, Jordan Carlos

Chris Distefano, John Green

At the Improv: Chris Distefano, Orny Adams, and More Tba!

Chris Distefano, Sergio Chicon featuring Dave Kinney

Donnell Rawlings

At the Improv: Orny Adams, Donnell Rawlings, Andrew Santino, Forrest S

Nick Kroll

Todd Barry, Ricky Velez, Jacob Williams

At the Improv: Nick Swardson, Orny Adams, Donnell Rawlings, Andrew San

Jimmy Shubert

At the Improv: Nick Kroll, Nick Swardson, Orny Adams, Donnell Rawlings

Nick Swardson

Todd Barry featuring Akaash Singh, Sergio Chicon

Joe Rogan

Janeane Garofalo, Chris Distefano, Doug Smith

Michael Che

Joe Rogan and Friends!

Mike Vecchione

Orny Adams