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Heyday / Wheelhouse

The Book of Liz


Opening Night: the Improvised Musical!

Granddaughter / Hooligan

Dolly / Hooligan

Excitebike / Birdland

Birdland / Excitebike

The Lampshades

Homeroom / Improv Jam

Tub Step / Boy

Robot Teammate & the Accidental Party

Hill-Jones / Homeroom

The Lottery/The Dilemma

Improv Jam

Tub Step / Granddaughter

Bootskrieg (*pub crawl)

Stormchaser / Tba

Count To Four

Boy / Wheelhouse

Truth: Original Soulful Dance Music Ft. Bob Diesel, Jesse Allen

Hitman Fuego

Ham Radio/Grace 'n Grano

The Scam

We're Having a Panic Attack

Odd Man Out

8:00 Christopher Lockett 8:45 Julie & Aiyana 9:45 Gruv Fusion

Mad Dogs and Englishmen / Tba

Stand Up Massacre

Stormchaser / Lola

the Blackout Summer

Trevor Street Band


Catamaran Bodega / Harvard House

The Fuck Off And Dies

Mr. S Indie Spotlight Special

Six Story Talkuo

Johnny Gill

Mad Dogs and Englishmen / This Is a Test

Glutes & Hammies/Tba

Those Who Oppose Us Will Stand Knee Deep In the Blood of Their Childre


Trevor Street Band W/ Carolyn Cott

Naskewrimo Weird: the Weirdest, Silliest and Wildest Sketches From Nat

Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting

Grace Morrison - 21+ $5 10pm

The Manic Panic Hour

Italian Mom Stories


La Ugly

Glutes & Hammies/Redford

The Chorus Remembers Jay Leggett

The Highest Order (Toronto, Canada) and Special Guests

Midwest Live & Loud 2018 - Day 2

Your Dumb


Redford Presents - First Impressions

Extra Short Portly

+ 2 locals TBA

Evil Come, Evil Go (From San Antonio/ Austin, TX) Plus Special Guests

Lost Voices of Boston Hosted By Matt Ganem - 18+ $5 7:00pm

Fantasia & Johnny Gill

The Lottery/Extra Short Portly

Hometown Spooners

The Highest Order and Special Guests

Midwest Live & Loud 2018 - Day 3


Dumbshit Mountain

Dance Gavin Dance

Betraying the Martyrs

No Devotion

The Carnival of Shadows Plus Special Guests

The Soul Panacea - 18+ $5 9:00pm


Fancy Boys/Mad Dogs and Englishmen


Top Shelf

Chewy Newton


Keytar Bear - 18+ $5 9:00pm

Dumbshit Mountain / Temporary Insanity


The Carnival of Shadows Plus Old Lady and Special Guests

Go Sketch Yourself with Clive Rice!

Moosh & Twist

Girl Team Balls


Mikey More

Capture The Crown

Flatfoot 56

Dumbsh*T Mountain / Temporary Insanity


Freedom Fillies


The Soft Ricky / Boy


Kitty Glitter/Tba

Birch Fire//Meghan Knowles + Mike Kerr - Live Music - 21+ Free 10:00pm

The Ongoing Concept

Drew Swace

Bleach Blonde

The Humanoids


Cake Batter / Eating Wallace


The Gunfordmay / Freedom Snatch / Razowsky & Clifford

Joel Murray and Friends

Casual Encounter

Kitty Glitter/Trash Boat

Darrin James Band // Good Food Band

Kingdom of Giants

Leak and Juice

Virgin Daiquiri: Lean Back

The Beatdown

Bayonet / Ham Radio


From England, Common Mama Plus Geno the Jukebox and Special Guests


Redford Presents: First Impressions

Hispania: the Improvised Telenovela / Los Improvisos!

Bohemian Noir, Roto's Magic Act (Ex. Mr. Bungle) - 18+ $5 9:00pm

Savageheads, Security, Punk DJ Event

The Lottery / Extra Short Portly

Outline In Color


TJ and Dave featuring Ike Reilly

Otp // the Furniture // Old Hat

The Soft Ricky / Bush League

Top Story! Weekly

Told Slant

Tacklebox / Bro Cow

Taddy Porter (Stillwater, Ok - As Heard On 90.5 the Night WBJB-FM) Plu

Just Dance Feat. Brotherwayne, Micetro, the Russian, Mariano Xavier, V

Tba/Grace 'n Grano



The Twilight Zone Comedy Hour


Studebaker Hawk's Birthday Bash 21+ $5 10 PM

Kibbles N' Beats + Czargb - 10 PM 21+ Free